Inspired by the Persian calender’s “Year of the Leopard”, in 2010 the Iranian Cheetah Society launched a campaign to raise awareness about the dire status of Endangered Persian leopard in Iran. Iran has always been perceived as the leopard stronghold in Western Asia. However, sadly, the long-term survival of Iranian leopards is worrisome given the escalated rate of habitat and prey loss coupled with extensive human-leopard conflicts, affecting the leopard populations across the country. The “Persian Leopard Newsletter” was published during 2010-2011 to present our activities focusing on conservation of the Persian leopard in Iran.
We are delighted to inform you that the Persian Leopard Newsletter is back! Although the Year of Leopard has passed, our goal remained unchanged. As before, this newsletter will serve as our communication and awareness tool; not only to bring you a first-hand picture of our efforts in Iran, but also to draw international attention to the enigmatic Persian leopard.

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